Message from Department Chief

Chief professor, Masahiko Kurabayashi

1. Department History

Masahiko KurabayashiThe history of this department started in July in 1954, when Dr. Mototaka Murakami, the first professor of The Second Department of Internal Medicine, organized the medical staffs. Staffs in The Second Department of Internal Medicine were devoted to their enormous efforts to found the clinical, scientific and educational activity of cardiovascular and other internal medicine. Professor Kiku Nakao, who succeeded a professor position in 1958, made The Second Department of Internal Medicine as a highly active department in hematology. In 1963, Professor Ryoichi Shigiya, and in 1975, Professor Kazuhiko Murata, developed the cardiovascular medicine as a major area of this department. During this period, The Second Department of Internal Medicine contributed to the advancement of preventive medicine of atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, and cardiac nuclear medicine. Professor Ryozo Nagai further advanced the activity of this department and now Professor Masahiko Kurabayashi took the leadership of this department.

2. Department Operation Policy

Operation policy of this department in the Gunma University Hospital is to commit to center of excellence in the field of medical science and care of the patients with cardiovascular and respiratory disease This department intends to contribute to the advancement of clinical medicine and basic science relevant to cardiovascular and respiratory medicine, and to foster the healthcare professionals who can make a partnership with patients and can provide the state-of art treatment with safety and care for each patient.

3. Message to Patients

Our mission is to provide the first-rate medical care for the patients with cardiovascular and respiratory disease. This department has been playing an important role in the diagnosis and life-saving of the patients who suffer from chest pain, dyspnea, faintness, syncopal attack and so on. These symptoms may herald the serious disease such as acute myocardial infarction, aortic dissection, acute pulmonary embolism and acute respiratory failure. We are confident in our role in providing patients with the high quality-medical care together with the warmth that doctors, nurses and other co-medicals have in mind. We always prepare for the patients who need what we can do.

4. Message to Student and Research Doctors.

One of the major missions of Gunma University Hospital is to educate the medical students and young doctors. Young people have an unlimited potential in multiple areas, such as clinical skills and research capability. To cultivate such potentials and to make them further refined, all the staffs in the Department of Medicine and Biological Science are united and corroborated. Our policy is to continue our steady efforts to provide highly advanced medical care with safe and secure. We believe that young people who are motivated to be good doctors or to be excellent scientists will find their right way to go in this Department because they can find the good educational programs and good supervisors in both clinic and basic research divisions here. We are looking forward to working with promising persons from abroad to make great contribution to the advancement of the cardiovascular and respiratory medicine.